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What is my favorite part? ALICE!!! Don't look further. You won't find better. Miss Alice Tours is the highlight of a visit to Charleston. She is quintessentially southern, so while you're learning, you're being charmed as well!! She is brilliant and thoroughly knowledgeable. You'll be well informed of the history and culture that makes Charleston unique. This was our first tour with Alice, but it will not be the last.

We booked a private tour with driver. We intended to have a three hour tour focused on Revolutionary War history, but we got so much more. We extended the tour and walked away with a better understanding of the people and places that make Charleston a special place.

Date of experience: June 2021

Would recommend this tour for anyone in Charleston!

Miss Alice was an amazing tour guide who was knowledgeable, exciting and brilliant. She had so much energy, and that made the tour so much more fun. She was so thoughtful- when it got too hot, she had cooled lemon scented towelettes for us! This tour is great for small and larger groups, families or anyone looking for some historical Charleston gossip.

She’s also a local, so she has the personal touch that makes this tour feel catered to you.

Date of experience: July 2020

“Miss Alice Tours”, Charleston, South Carolina

My husband, Gary, and I enjoyed a superior tour with Alice Gordon, owner of “Miss Alice Tours”. She escorted us in her private, air conditioned SUV, for an historical tour, of Charleston, for several hours, filling each second with incredible facts and folklore of this beauty city. We were so Impressed with her charm, lovely manners and pure Southern style, that we came home to Virginia, turned our car around and headed back to Charleston for another week!

Date of experience: August 2019

Sophisticated & charming...Authentic Tour

Miss Alice is the epitome of a true southern lady and lover of history which she brings into her tours. She is gracious and intuitive to her guests and accommodated our requests which fluctuated due to travel delays... and gave us the most informative and entertaining tour I have ever had throughout my worldwide travels!
She is sensitive to the brutal history of the south yet honest in its telling shedding understanding and compassion upon it. She knows and loves this city and her insider knowledge was barely tapped into by us in our time together...wished we could have kept her the remainder of our trip as our personal resource guide!
She uses her personal vehicle for her driving tours which is immaculate and her guests comfort is her priority. While there are many tour companies to choose from, Miss Alice's personal touch sets her apart as the perfect southern charm and The True South Carolina Charleston experience! Not to be missed! Even if you just have time for a city tour "to get the lay of the land" me....start here. You will not regret it!

Date of experience: October 2018

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